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  Training days

TERA (Training Education Research Audit)

As a tribute to my previous mentor and colleague Dr Joe Mathew who died in May 2014, I re-started our previous trainee "Black Box" meetings here at Derriford with a different emphasis.

These meetings (held every Tuesday lunchtime, usually between 12.30 and 1.30pm. See rota at this link) are now an opportunity for all members of staff to give a presentation in whatever format they choose (slide seminars, powerpoint, audit presentation, reflective talk about conferences or meetings they have attended) to their clinical and non-clinical colleagues. Previous and future presentations also include demonstrations of innovative equipment for use in pathology departments. 

I am collecting the presentations and notes at the following link . I welcome talks from external speakers. Please email me at my nhs or pathkids addresses.

A printable form for you to record reflective notes is here in an appropriate format for the Royal College of Pathologists online CPD Portfolio.