Black box cases Dr Tim Bracey 02/09/16

1. Middle aged man with recurrent nasal polyps. This one was very vascular and procedure abandoned due to bleeding.

2. Peritoneal fluid cytology from an old lady with gastric outlet obstruction.

3. Sudden death in an asthmatic man in his 30s. Mast cell tryptase was not elevated.

4.  Multiple gastric polyps in a teenage girl with FAP.

5.  Isoechoeic thyroid nodule in a middle aged female with a previous Thy3a FNA.

6. Parotid mass core biopsy - middle aged man.

7. Antral polyp in an elderly person with a history of gastric ulceration.

8. Duodenal biopsies IDA elderly lady.

9. Hepatic flexure tumour clinically peritoneal involvement.

10. Kidney tumour upper pole elderly female.

there may have been a couple of others

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